What is Surgery?

Surgery is a health science focused on the use of surgical techniques to examine and cure health problems caused by illness or severe injury. Surgery is performed for many purposes, such as improving body function, beautifying physical appearance, or repairing damaged or destroyed body parts.

There are different types of surgery, differentiated according to how urgently surgery should be performed, the part of the body that requires surgery, the purpose of surgery, the number of incisions required, and the tools used. The main categories of surgical measures include:

1. Surgery based on time selection

– Elective surgery
– Emergency surgery
– Semi-elective surgery

2. Surgery based on purpose

– Surgical investigation
– Surgical therapy

3. Surgery by type of procedure

– Reconstructive surgery
– Resection
– Replanting
– Graft
– Amputation
– Surgical beauty

4. Surgery based on body parts

– Cardiac surgery
– Bone surgery
– Gastrointestinal Surgery

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