How Vacum Sealers Work

Bacteria present in packs with no air or little air will result in a process of decomposition that will run for a long time. If within a few days the food will usually start stale or rotten best food vacuum sealer, then with the working principle of vacuum sealer machine, can be more durable if the food is in a vacuum, which is weeks, depending also on the type of food. Get the best food vacuum sealer by visiting our website.

Vacuum Sealer is a machine used in packaging products, especially in terms of food. This machine has a working principle of vacuum sealer machine that is by vacuum sucking air in the product packaging, which will result in a process whose name is oxidized, ie oxygen will be suppressed in such a way that existing bacteria will be longer breeding or even difficult to live long.

Vacuuming the air present in the product packaging is the initial process of the vacuum sealer. The next stage, on each side of the tip of the plastic packaging, is glued and the last packing is tightly closed. When packing it must be ensured that there is absolutely no gap for air in and out of the packaging. So the working principle of this vacuum sealer machine is actually to spend all the air in the packaging and cover the packaging with the heating process automatically.