The Use of Lead in Human Life

The use of lead is enormous for many areas of human life. However, rarely do people know it is since 5000 years ago that the use of tin actually has started in the form of cassiterite. Cassiterite is made into various things with the addition of carbon through combustion. Now, the use of lead has grown rapidly along with technological advances and processing of mineral resources that it takes more distributors to be able to meet all the needs for the lead. For one of the examples of lead distributors, you can go to Some other uses of lead are as follows:

1. Lead as Packaging Materials

At first, lead is widely used as a mixture with some plastic material or paper into packing material. This material is often used to package drugs or products that require old storage and are not easily contaminated. Now, the use of lead to produce packaging products has been reduced and replaced with other materials are cheaper.

2. Lead as a Cover Coating

Cans is actually a packing product made of a type of steel metal with special thickness and weight. But steel has a weakness that often inhibits the function of packaging materials such as cans. Lead is used to coat the steel so that the cans become lighter, durable, resistant to rust and protect the product from bacterial development. Cans with lead coating will look lighter, easier to form and durable products.

3. Lead for Glass Production Materials

Lead is one of the most important components in the production of car or glass windshield. In a glass production when the molten glass material is applied to the molten lead, the formed part of the glass will float on the tin layer. This process will form denser, non-breakable glass, good parallel and flat level and more resistant to pressure. This is what makes lead become the main material in the glass industry.