Safety Measures to Use Spare Tires

The ability of a small spare tire is almost the same as a normal tire except the ability to bend and the ability on the rough road. So, it is important for you to know about all the aspects in regards to the spare tire of your car, including the safety aspects on how to use this tire correctly.

When using this small spare tire, you need to consider the following safety measures:

1. This spare or spare tire is only for temporary use. Standard tires must be repaired or replaced and replaced with standard tires after standard tires are refined.

2. It is recommended for you to use a cover as the protection to the spare tire. You can adjust the type of the cover to the type of the tire as well as the car. For example, if your car is in a 4×4 type, then you need to use a 4×4 spare wheel cover to protect the spare tire.

3. Do not attach this tire to another rim. Similarly, trim rings, wheel covers and standard tires on this spare tire rims, because it can damage other components.

4. At least once in a month, you need to check the air pressure and make sure that the cold air pressure is 4.2 kg / cm2. Be careful in adding air pressure to the tires, as the pressure increases more quickly due to their smaller size. Add the air pressure bit by bit. And check it always until the pressure reaches 4.2 kg / cm2 (when cold).

5. Do not use the tire chain on this tire, because it can cause damage to vehicles and tires.

6. Do not rotate this spare tire.

7. Tire type leakage should be repaired by patched and not with plugs or inserts.

8. Avoid speeds over 80 km / h. Small and unbalanced tire dimensions with other tires can cause uneven pressure and when high speed becomes extremely dangerous.