Rainy season, Point Location Flood South Tangerang Down

Entering the rainy season, the location point of the flood-prone area in South Tangerang City has decreased significantly. The decline in the number of locations and discharge of water levels is influenced by the policy of handling intensive infrastructure improvements. There are 33 blocks of flooding, and the Bina Marga Office has devoted programs and activities to overcome the problem of flooding. Budget flood prevention such as in Reni Jaya, Bukit Pamulang Indah must be concentrated. Community participation is equally important for flood prevention. In addition, flooding in South Tangerang was already able to recede under two hours and under 30 centimeters. The floods in South Tangerang are now under two hours already receding and below 30 centimeters. The city government will continue to press as little as possible. Because the incident is fast there are no outbreaks of infectious diseases. More detail info you can see in tangsel news!



Of the 31 flood block points in seven districts, 28 infrastructure facilities and infrastructure facilities for flood control have been repaired. There are four SKPD deliver programs that have been implemented and different from each other.