Mistakes in speaking English that you must avoid

Speaking with English can be very beneficial, especially if you’re planning to go overseas. It’s not only necessary in countries like the UK and USA, but there are some other countries that will require English as your main language there. However, there are some mistakes in speaking English that you must avoid as much as you can. These mistakes can ruin your chance to get a job or even at passing an exam at Trinity College Glasgow.

Don’t mix your own native language with English

This mistake shows the other people around you that you can’t speak English well yet. So make sure you’ve trained your English well, and other people who are talking with you in English will respect you more.

Trying to make a Joke with the low level of fluency

Talking English fluently has been so hard for some people already. However, it will be even riskier for you to try to make a joke with English, especially if you don’t understand the culture in the country where you’re speaking English right now.