Caring For Wooden Frame In The Window

Window frames are an important part of a window other than glass. Treatment of the frame is needed, especially for wooden frames. Below is how to care for home window sills. The frame is one of the most important parts of the relationship in the beauty of a window. The maintenance process of this section should be done as often as possible and especially for ledges that use wood base material that will be easily damaged by termites or dryness due to sunlight. The care of the wooden frame is very complex and should be done as often as it is to clean it. Different if you use aluminum-based sills that care much lighter. These types of frames will not be attacked by termites, and their resistance can also exceed the type of wood-based frame. Do you need special care for your windows? Currently, austin window treatments provide a wide range of treatments that will make your windows look better with the best materials.

Most of the damage that occurs in wood-based frames is caused by termites that come without being invited. This is due to the level of moisture in wood that is getting dry due to the absence of intensive care done. To solve the problem, you can use coating or paint that already supports anti-termite. However, no matter what kind of frame you use today, in the process of maintenance you need to clean up every 3 days to once a week. If you choose the raw material for the frame (wood), the wood must be aged & wood not wet (dry), then the wood posture is not easy to switch shape, curved example, and not easily infected rodents or bugs such as termites and ants. If the window and door frames are installed with insect repellent (termites), and anti-fungus, most of the substance is liquid, unlike with the paint to the usual. Installation of window frames and doors should be in one building (shelter), minimally protected from exposure to direct sunlight and rain water.

After installation of the frame must be mounted parallel and fit to the sides of the wall, do not frames that have been mounted tend to the front or rear. Wall as a sill support must be sturdy and strong so I can hold the weight of the frame. With such careful consideration, then when the time comes home care the expenses incurred will also be smaller.